Mind Sex.

Yes. Mind sex.
What? You say you’ve never had mind sex?
Ever? As in, not even for a moment???
Well relax and let me tell you what mind sex is.

Mind sex.
It is not when he speaks that
sends butterflies flittering through your belly.
It is not when he touches you
that your body is aroused.

Oh no, not at all.
It is what he says that tingles your spirit.
It is the words that breathe life into the ideas that form in his mind
that caress your body.
It is his thoughts for a future,
his future that give you goosebumps, and leave you wishing you
were a part of that future.
And the present that will eventually make the future.

It is the passion that burns in him
that catches on to you, setting your body on fire.

No, it is not when he touches you.

It is when his ideas reach out to your ideas
and in the process of discussing them,
your ideals and values are aroused
and excited almost like they’ve been awoken
from a deep slumber,
and the more you talk about it,
the more you want to continue to this climax
where there will be nothing,
no one else left in this world
but you, him….

… and your minds.

And then you wonder to yourself,
                                                                   who is this superior being?

And, and…can you steal borrow his mind?


29 thoughts on “Mind Sex.

  1. Tisha says:

    i won't call it mind sex
    but i fall in-love with a guy's mind ever before i can fall for him

    if not
    i'll just imagine he's too dense and be pu off
    blame the intellectual in me

    what am i going to do to fabulo-la
    how are you doing?

  2. 48 says:

    It's a lovely thing when what binds you to someone is their mind. The 'sex' is even hotter when you're able to inspire each other to act on those ideas.

  3. Audeo says:

    Babes. I get you!!!! I've been there. I am there. For an intellectual snob like myself (i'm sorry but i'm not sorry. if you get me) nothing glues me to a guy faster than mind sex.

  4. F says:

    Mind sex virgin right here… God forgive me but too much IGG (to quote that genius article on Bella Naija)… Fine for face, ugly for brain… I guess if talking to these guys is supposed to be mind sex… Then some of them “finish a bit too early”… 🙂

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