Out of Nothing.

I do not know how I got here

And sometimes, I want to turn and run for the hills.

Or Ibadan.

But then you say my name,

And it sounds like..I was named just for the words to form in your lips,

To be said by your voice.

I was named, for you to say my name.

I see you,

And I completely forget what I was running from,

what was pulling me away.

[What is it that always tries to keep pulling me back?]

You smile, and suddenly.


I am anxious for things I did not know I desired.

For things I did not know I had an aching for.

For things I did not even know I thought about.

[Are they real, even though I don’t know I was thinking them?]

From nothing. To a lot of things.

Cheers my lover,

To a moment Out of Nothing.


Man. Definitely not a Boy

In response to Man. Not a Boy

You came.
As a Man.
Not a Boy.
No games.
No competition.
No others.
A lot of discovery.
A lot of chemistry.
Mind sex? [redacted]
Safe and secure.
A heart like David
And a leader like Moses.
Some PDA.
Some footsie.
(We cant have everything right?)
Not hers. Or theirs.
You’re ours.
Me + You.
Today. Tomorrow…
You came.
And my heart is glad.
When I asked, I did not think you existed.
Yet, here you are.
Turns out, you were not too much to ask for after all.




Love Me Already.


I was wondering.

Could you like, fall in love with me already?

Like right now?

I’m honestly sick and tired of daydreaming about things that may probably never happen.

So, if you could just fall in love already and lets get this show on the road.

I want to have deep talks with you and not just small flirtations.

I want to be your safety, your comfort, your solace, your home.

I want to mind-fuck you.

I want my chance DAMMIT!

I am tired of grasping at ‘maybes’ and ‘could bes’.

So. If you don’t mind, could you just fall in love already?

And if,

If for some reason you cannot,

or will not,

or are just bloody unable to,

Its cool.

Go forth and rock some one else’s world.

Living Graciously

Its easy when you are soaked in His Presence, and filled with the Spirit.
Its easy when His Grace is washing over you energizing your soul, and all you want to do is remain there.
Bowed at His feet, exalting Him for all His Glory.

Yea, thats the easy part.

The true test is in the living.
The moment you open your eyes and step out of your closet and are bombarded with the evils of this world: the desperately wicked hearts, the stealing, killing and destroying?

Yea, thats the hard part.

That is when the true test is.

When you leave your closet, are you living for Him in every waking moment?

The world and all its wanting, wanting, wanting is on the way out—but whoever does what God wants is set for eternity.

Are you living graciously?


Through the Shadows

Yea, though I walk through 

the valleys
Of the shadows…

I will fear nothing. 
I will look to the heavens instead
And praise your name 
Higher and higher.
Because even right here in the dumps

You are still King.
You are still faithful.
You are still God.
You will still reign
Forever and ever. 
Or so I will remind myself. 
When I walk through the shadows…